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is staffed with highly trained and experienced investigators and process servers who are dedicated  to fulfilling all your needs.  

Our investigators and process servers will complete your order in a discreet, ethical, confidential and professional manner.


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Our process servers are certified by the Texas Supreme Court for all 254 counties.

We have a network of process servers throughout the State of Texas to locate and serve your defendants with legal documents.

Texas Supreme Court Certified

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Our investigators are licensed and insured by the Texas Department of Private Security.

So we may ensure your case receives the highest level of attention, we have investigators located throughout the State of Texas.

Texas Department of Public Safety License

Private Investigation

National Association of Professional Process Servers

National Association of Professional Women

Nationwide Process Servers Association

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Process Servers Network  (PSN) is 1 of only 5 courses approved by the Process Servers Review Board (PSRB) and the Supreme Court of Texas to provide certification training for all 254 counties in Texas.

Would you like a career as a Private Process Server?

Process Servers Network of Texas

Prowler Training Academy (PTA) offers an “Introduction to Private Investigation” course for anyone interested in learning about private investigation or becoming a private investigator.

Would you like a career as a Private Investigator?

Prowler Training Academy
Prowler Training Academy





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