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Are you ready for Divorce?

Case include divorce, adultery, asset location, community property and domestic violence

Domestic Litigation

Is your Family at Risk?

Cases include child custody, child visitation, child abuse, and child welfare

Family Law Litigation

Are you tired of the games?

Cases include civil disputes, property rights, domestic issues, and expert witnesses

Civil Litigation

“You’ve Been Served!!!”

Delivery of documents

to the defendant

Service of Process

Are you locked up?

Cases include minor offenses to homicide to rape to DWI, etc

Criminal Defense

Are you injured?

Cases include personal injury, insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud, auto accidents, slips & falls, and property negligence.

Insurance Fraud

Oh My!!! What are they doing?

Cases include cheating spouses, finding stalkers, workers’ compensation and more


If it’s missing, we’ll find it!!

Cases include missing persons, defendant location, asset searches, criminal histories and more.

Skip Tracing

Are they lieing under oath?

Videotaping a witness during a deposition could uncover tell

tale signs of false information

material to a case

Video Deposition

Our investigators are licensed and insured by the Texas Private Security.  Our process servers are certified by the JBCC and Texas Supreme Court for all 254 counties.

All are experienced, reliable and dedicated to conducting the most ethical and productive investigations on behalf of our clients.

Our investigators specialize in different aspects of investigations giving our clients access to the best possible solution for their case.  Our investigators are suited to handle even the most complex and unique cases.

“We’re Always on the Prowl.....For You!!!”